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Logging after an infinite loop The only way that this: while True: time.sleep(1) message = random.randint(1, 101)"Producer_1 got message: %s", message) queue_1.put(message) event_1.set() is going to terminate is on an exception. That in itself isn't a bad thing - stop iteration exceptions are a common pattern in Python. ...


This code is broken. Imagine an Account with $100, two threads, one depositing $1, the other withdrawing $50. Thread one acquired lock1, and begins executing: this.balance = getBalance() + amount; and reads $100 ... Thread two acquired lock2, reads the balance (still $100), subtracts $50, stores the new balance ($50) and releases lock2. ... (back to ...


Make use of Weak self inside closures to avoid memory issues. Also, provide memory referencing for optimal memory handling. Please update to the latest swift version

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