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Data synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and vice versa and the continuous harmonization of the data over time.

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Folder Syncer in Python

I have made a script that syncs one folder to another. So if, for example, you saved some changes in a file in directory A, then that file would have the same ...
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Query to determine insert / update operations to synchronize data

I've been developing a system where the mobile syncs data from the server.The phone can run offline but when connected to the internet it needs take care of inserted or updated data. Here is the ...
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Exercise – Synchronization between threads using `pthread_mutex_t` and `pthread_cond_t`

I have got an assignment for an OS course that consists in the use of mutex and condition variables to synchronize N threads, each involved in the search of a character in a row of a NxN matrix. The ...
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File read/write methods

I'm using some simple files for caching and some basic user data. I was first just using file_put_contents() and ...
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Synchronization with remote web service

I am writing a method to synchronize the local Core Data entities with a remote web service (in this case, To update changed or created objects, I fetch all where the ...
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Importing markdown files

I'm building a rails app that, among other things, imports text markdown files as blog posts. The idea is that the truth is in the markdown files, so any time those are edited, created, or deleted, ...
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Python files sync

I'm trying to do a one-way directory sync. Given a list of existing files in a dir, I'd like to make the files in the dir equal a new list of files. There will be subdirs under the dir. Because ...
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Realtime collaborative editor: a CodeMirror extension for MobWrite

I wrote up the following script for the realtime synchronization service, MobWrite, to be used with the browser-based editor, CodeMirror: ...
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