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PL/pgSQL is the default procedural language for the PostgreSQL database system. Questions about PL/pgSQL should probably be tagged with [postgresql] as well.

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Plpgsql function that redacts substrings wrapped with double pipes `||`

I'm using Postgres 14 and I've written a function (for use with Hasura GraphQL Computed Fields) that transforms a TEXT field, replacing all instances of spoiler-annotated text (e.g. ...
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3 votes
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PL/pgSQL function to test if a word is contained within a phrase

I am using PostgreSQL 11.0 and I wrote a PL/pgSQL function to test if a word or phrase is contained within another phrase. This function is called several times within another function to extract some ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Iterate between dates and INSERT values in a performant way

I have created a query that populates a datapoint with random values. The logic is simple: Iterate between the START and END dates and INSERT random values. I want from this query to be very ...
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6 votes
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Univariate analysis with SQL stored procedure

I wrote a SQL univariate analysis stored procedure taking as input a schemaname and a tablename on PostgreSQL. It is exactly like a PROC SAS UNIVARIATE. As output, you get less than 20 usable ...
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5 votes
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Gathering distinct patient diagnosis records

This code correctly gathers diagnosis records for a patient to show distinct records based on the AMA ICD9 code, diagnosis description, and date of posting. The output is distinct on (ICD code, ...
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Fixing logs that overlap

Here we trying to fix logs that have overlaps with each other. Am I doing it right? Is there any way to improve/refactor it? ...
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