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Python colorized debug printer

In Python you can use print(locals()) to print a dictionary of all the local variables, but this has 3 shortcomings: Double underscore variables will be included ...
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Funny and a simple colorful text editor

(See this repository for full code.) Now I have rolled a simple class extending JavaFX Canvas for showing terminal like, colorful console: ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Changing the color of some pixels in an image in Swift

My code is working perfectly fine, except for one-thing. The performance is not up-to the mark. What I am trying to achieve is I have an image with a few circles (each circle has a border with ...
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Colour-model classes using CRTP

I want to implement color space logic. So I started with creating some structs: ...
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2 answers

*nix, *bsd, etc basic `tput` color setup

My goal with the below piece of POSIX shell code was to address the more platforms the better with shell tput colors. With this code, I now start all of my scripts, ...
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C# Color implementation with conversions from RGB to HSL and CMYK and vice versa, targetting Blazor and CSS

This is an implementation of a Color class, primarily targetting the web to be used in a Blazor app. Color.cs ...
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