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Blazor is a free and open-source web framework being developed by Microsoft. It supports incremental updates to a virtual DOM, enables UI code to be written in C# with JS interoperability, can run from either server or client, and sends data over a constant SignalR connection instead of http request/response cycles.

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Cargo truck travel management

With the code I'll provide my objective is to build a map (table) based on the trips the truckers should do for each week with all of the charge/discharge operations. I do not need a deep analysis, ...
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Finding exceptions and optimisations in weather forecast service

When creating a new Blazor project, there is a page called FetchData which gives an example of a razor page using a service to pull data to a page. I set myself a ...
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Parallel file upload with HttpClient in API

I have created a helper service to send files from the client application to the API over HTTP using the POST method. Source project on Blazor Server Side, .NET 6, C # 10. Service features: Sending ...
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Allow adding errors and warnings and remove both after a while with seperate timers

I use this in my Blazor application, letting other services send errors or warnings to this AlertService. The service triggers an update of a component which simply displays the messages, errors in ...
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C# Color implementation with conversions from RGB to HSL and CMYK and vice versa, targetting Blazor and CSS

This is an implementation of a Color class, primarily targetting the web to be used in a Blazor app. Color.cs ...
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