The game : the lowest memory usage with the highest speed.

My favorite books on the field are the ones written by Donald Knuth and I can only encourage any of you to read and try to understand what you can from them. It will sometimes require great effort and perseverance but it's worth it. You can see them as bosses in Demon Souls ;)

I've written my first program around 1981. I started with BASIC and followed with x86 assembly, C, Pascal, C++, Ada, Java, C#. I've written a bit of Objective C and swift to interface with iOS. I did some Cobol and Fortran too but I intend to keep these far away. I do Perl if the choice is right and Python in the absence of choice. I've developed for DOS, Windows, SGI, HP-UX, Sun, Alpha, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS.

Among the work I'm the most proud of ... (from the top of my head)

  • I wrote a DOS extender with pagination and disk swapping that could load dos4gw binaries (ie: Doom). (not pmode, another one) I've written an MT tracker running on it. One of the most interesting features of the extender was the video memory mapped through page faults and CPU traps so that the program would see as one big page what was a in fact a remapped memory window through protected VESA calls.
  • I've worked in compression, lossy image compression with DCT and wavelets and sound compression using wavelets and based on a psycho-acoustics model.
  • I've written a couple of games (one puzzle, one shoot).
  • I was on the demo scene although I only released a couple 4Ks.
  • I've written a couple of AI based on genetic algorithms (music composer).
  • For many years I've worked in cryptography. Among other things I implemented a PGP framework in Java that was used to write a keyserver.
  • I've written a module AI for a multi-player game (the interface was very limited which made it an interesting problem to solve).
  • Right now I'm working on several network daemons, one of them open source.

I'm always interested in discussing ideas and this looks like a good place for doing it.

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