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Well, I'm just a C++11 freak with many ideas and no time enough to implement all of them

I'm working intensively with C++11, getting (Almost trying to learn) good modern C++ practices.
I'm specially interested in C++ template-metaprogramming, my current main project is a library to provide compile-time utilities using tmp.
Also I'm currently working on a unit testing library for template metaprograms. I really hate to test my metaprograms with static_assert()s only! (Insert future github project link here)
I like a lot to play with the language, exploting its capabilities until (Sadly...) the compiler colapses with an internal error.

But not everything are crazy ideas. I have more realistic projects. For example, as a result of my personal frustration with C++ tuples, I'm currently writting a library to enance the capabilities of C++11 tuples, making the day to day work easy: The TTL Project.

But that was not always the case...

My career as programmer started with Visual Basic 6.0, and a bit later with Visual Basic .NET. A couple of years later I decided to "port my mind" to the world of C#, C++, and C. That decision have leaded to a wonderfull world of OO programming with C#, close to metal C, and C++ generic programming.

I'm mostly interested in videogame programming, specifically game-engine implementations, so I have worked with DirectX, such as in my port of the dx_lib32 project.
Before that I have written a GDI+ based 3d rendering engine from scratch, using VB.NET and C#.

Also I have written "experimental" projects using C# and the Kinect for Windows SDK, such as a 3d scanner to compute normal maps and render the scene at "real time", or a simple videogame-oriented virtual keyboard which provides speech and gesture based commands.

What about Java?

I really hate the Java programming language (Please note that I said the programming language, not the runtime nor the libraries). It suffers from years of unresolved design errors from its base, a horrible and verbose syntax, and years of not evolving at all (I know about Java 8, but think: That was which C# has 8 years before...).

As you can see I strongly prefer C# as a OO VM-based language ("Managed", as Microsoft likes to say), but Java is a very common language in the programming world.
So, even if I hate Java, I have an intermediate-low level with it. Thats what I think, but judge by yourselves instead. Also check this SO profile about the Java questions I answered.

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