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Traveling Salesman Problem for visiting cities

Implement TSP problem using best first algorithm (so it will be backtracking, branch-and-bound, and best-first). Since you are looking for a cycle, the start/finish city is not important. Therefore we ...
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Implementing Simulated Annealing to the Travelling Salesman Problem ; plotting a graph of temperature(x axis) and cost on y axis ; animating using cv2

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74 views - Part 1/4: Finger management class

I have this indexed, heuristic, succint list data structure that runs all single-element operations in worst-case \$\mathcal{O}(\sqrt{n})\$ time. You can read about it here. ToC: Part 1/4: this post. ...
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Faster, indexed, heuristic doubly-linked list data structure in Java: implementation

I have this doubly-linked list data structure that runs all the single-element operations in \$\Theta(\sqrt{n})\$ time (refer to this post and this repository). (See this for benchmarks.) (See this ...
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Linear conflicts heuristic for 15 puzzle game

I'm trying to solve the 15 Puzzle problem using IDA* algorithm with a Linear Conflicts heuristic. I already implemented the heuristic from what I understood : link Here's my goal state ("snail&...
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Set Cover Heuristic

The set-cover problem is explained here. I am using lists that are being treated as sets. As I found lists were easier to manipulate in python than sets. The first part of the algorithm uses input ...
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Fuzzy list sorting with a heuristic approach to generate a schedule for COVID-19 tests in a hospital

I recently came across a problem scheduling Coronavirus testing at a hospital; the testing capacity needed to be allocated to: High risk wards (combining many factors). Ones which hadn't been tested ...
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