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Simulations of the Enigma machine, a kind of electro-mechanical device used from the 1920s to the 1940s for encrypting communications

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Enigma Machine simulator configurable from file

Running this up the flagpole to "put it out there". The code has been compiled with an ancient C++ compiler for the niceties of declaring/defining variables as needed. With some minor ...
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The Enigma Machine (CLI) in Java

A few days ago I began to work on my first project that's bigger than any others that I've attempted before. The purpose of this was to learn how to better code using OOP techniques. The code is all ...
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C++ Enigma Machine

I'm trying to improve my C++ Enigma Machine, either by shortening the code or finding more efficient ways to complete certain things. Be aware I have very basic C++ vocabulary. Are there any major ...
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An enigma style simulation machine in Python 3

This code made a few breaks back in my spare time. There are, however, a few alterations to the original machine that this simulation shows, one being the alphabet, another being the amount of rotors. ...
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Enigma Machine Simulation in Python

Background and Example This code simulates the Enigma machine, minus the plugboard. Here's some test code that illustrates how the machine's construction and use: ...
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What an Enigma! (Machine Simulator)

I've made this some time ago for an assignment and I was wondering how it could be improved both in terms of performance and best practices for C code. ...
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Enigma machine simulator - improving recursive algorithm performance

I'm new to Haskell and am confused by why my code seems to preform so poorly, and wonder if there's something I've not grasped about the coding philosophy behind the language, or the best way to take ...
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Enigma Machine Simulation

This is an Enigma Machine Simulator written in Java: ...
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Structure and style of Enigma Machine

I took a little time and wrote the following code to produce enigma encryption. I don't normally write code in C so I would like to get feedback on the way it has been structured and any issues a ...
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Enigma simulator performance

Here is my implementation of a simple 3 rotor Enigma machine in C++: ...
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