I have a list of Parcel objects and am trying to write a closure that picks the parcel object with highest count:

class Parcel { 
int id, 
int count,
String sender,
String recipient 
Parcel(int _id, int _count) {
 id = _id
 count = _count 

def parcels = [new parcel(1,5), new parcel(2,1), new parcel(3,3), new parcel(4,2), new parcel(5,4) ]

I have tried the below code which works fine:


Is there a better way to pick the parcel with the highest count?


You could obviously try parcels.max{it.count}.

max and other useful operations on Groovy Collections are explained in the following article: https://groovy.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Collections


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