I am working on a web project and am trying to create a way to detect when an image is in viewpoint of the browser window then load/show the image. Since there are some rather large image that are being resize to use a thumbnails, I am trying to take into consideration those that might view it one a mobile device and reduce page loading time. I notice that many site with galleries are doing the same thing.

I create a little script using JavaScript to detect when an <img /> tag is in view and then take its data attribute value (the URL of the image) and set it's <img src=""/> attribute to it.

Is this is an efficient way of doing it or should I just use PHP the create thumbnails?

I have included snippets of the HTML and JavaScript I am using.

HTML of the image

<img data-image-src="images/c9c191f226c643eabcce6debfe76049d.png" src="" alt="A nify Image" />

JavaScript with jQuery

//Show images when in viewpoint
$(window).on('scroll load',function(){
    //Window width & height
    var viewpointWidth = $(window).width(),
    viewpointHeight = $(window).height(),
    //Document Top pos & Left pos
    documentScrollTop = $(document).scrollTop(),
    documentScrollLeft = $(document).scrollLeft(),
    //Document Positions
    minTop = documentScrollTop,
    maxTop = documentScrollTop + viewpointHeight,
    minLeft = documentScrollLeft,
    maxLeft = documentScrollLeft + viewpointWidth;
    //Loop for each image
    $('.page-content img').each(function(){
        $eleImage = $(this),
        elementOffset = $eleImage.offset();       
        if((elementOffset.top > minTop && elementOffset.top < maxTop) && (elementOffset.left > minLeft &&elementOffset.left < maxLeft)) {
  • \$\begingroup\$ A point (an img) may enter the viewport through window resize, so you would have to handle those events also. \$\endgroup\$ Oct 1, 2014 at 9:42
  • \$\begingroup\$ Thank you, should I add the onresize even to jQuery's .on() even handler like so $(window).on('scroll load resize',function(){...} or go about it a different way? \$\endgroup\$
    – andrewnite
    Oct 1, 2014 at 22:07

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  • You need to handle resize events also. Yes, you can add it like : $(window).on('scroll load resize', ...

  • You are only checking for the visibility of the top/left corner, if you load a large image, scroll right, and then scroll down, you will see the right edges of the ALT text of the images, but because their top/left corner is not in viewport, those images will not load. You might want to check if any point of the img box is visible.

Browser Behavior

  • Make sure you have <!DOCTYPE HTML> on your document, this will load all images if you miss doctype declaration. (for Firefox, Chrome, don't know about others)

  • You might want to mark images processed, by adding a class or another data; and do not fiddle with the src attributes of the images once they are loaded.

Javascript related

  • Because you miss a var before $eleImage and elementOffset, they pollute global namespace.

  • You copy the value of $(this) here : $eleImage = $(this), but you keep using $(this) below.


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