I am running through an app idea to help improve my knowledge of Javascript. The code attached performs the following:

  • Performs a regex on the input field to check it is value 0-9 If not,
  • it clears the field and shows a warning (Although this only seems to work on FF)

  • If it passes, updates the styles of the preview box on keyup

  • Adds the styles to a text area that the user can copy when selecting the button

I am looking for suggestions where I can improve in terms of writing more efficient code. Or pointers where I have possibly used the wrong method to perform a task. One area where I struggled was getting the value of the input field.

This is the first stage for this application as in the near future I plan to add in the ability modify each corner.

Feedback is welcomed

"use strict"

const masterField = document.getElementById('masterField');
const box = document.getElementById('box');
const warn = document.getElementById('warn');
const styleSheet = document.getElementById('styleSheet');

const WARNING_TIME = 2000;
var warningTimer;

masterField.addEventListener('keyup', updateCss);

function updateCss() {
    let inputVal = this.value;
    const expCase = /[0-9]/;

    if (expCase.test(inputVal)) {
        box.style.borderRadius = inputVal + 'px';
        styleSheet.textContent = 'border-radius: ' + inputVal + 'px';
    } else {
        this.value = '';

function hidewarning() {

function showWarning() {
    warningTimer = setTimeout(hidewarning, WARNING_TIME);

function copyStyles() {
#box {
            width: 300px;
            height: 175px;
            background-color: red;

        #warn {
            display: block;

        #warn.hide-warning {
            display: none;
<div id="box"></div>
        <label for="masterField">All Corners</label>
        <input id="masterField" class="radius-field" type="number">
        <span id="warn" class="hide-warning">Only numbers 0 - 9 are allowed</span>

    <button onclick="copyStyles()">Copy Styles</button>

    <textarea id="styleSheet"></textarea>


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Instead of a number input, a range input could be used - with the minimum value being zero and the maximum value being half of the lesser of the height and width - in this case 88 pixels (i.e. 175px / 2). With such an input there is no need to validate user input to ensure non-numeric characters are entered.

With the current interface, the event handler that fires when a key is pressed does not execute when the value changes from other means (e.g. mouse click). To be thorough, it might be better to observe the change event on the input as well.


The JavaScript code makes good use of const for values that don't get re-assigned, and uses getElementById() (as I mentioned in a review of your Nav scroll code). I like how the constant for the warning time is in all capitals, and all lines are terminated with a semi-colon.

The regular expression could be simplified slightly to use the shorthand character class \d instead of [0-9].


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