I have this log file (example below) and I'm trying to find the number of times a particular route is called.

Example log file:

2019-05-29 11:00:00 POST /route1 200  100000

2019-05-29 11:00:01 POST /route1 200  100000

2019-05-29 11:00:01 GET /route2 404 200000

2019-05-29 11:00:02 GET /route3 200  100000

2019-05-29 11:00:03 GET /route4 200  200000

2019-05-29 11:00:04 POST /route1 200 100000

Here is the code I've written:

route_count = Hash.new(0)
File.open('test.log').each do |line|
  temp_array = line.split(" ")
  route = temp_array[4]
  if route_count.has_key?(route)
    route_count[route] = route_count[route] + 1
    route_count[route] = 1
puts( route_count.map{ |k,v| "#{k},#{v}" })

and it gives the output:





I wanted to know if there is a better way to do this.


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The Enumerable.group_by method is perfect for situations like this. The method takes the items in the enumerable, evaluates a block on them to yield a key, and inserts them into a hash under that key. Using this the code is very short:

    .group_by { |line| line.split(" ")[4] }
    .map { |k, v| "#{k},#{v.count}" })

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