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I've programmed in PL/I, Fortran IV, Basic, Lisp, Scheme, CLU, Forth, C, C++, Java, Lua, Python, M/Mumps, Caché ObjectScript and various assembly languages (6502, 8080/Z80, 80x86 (16,32,64), Alpha, PA-Risc, M68K, M88K, Itanium, MIPS, Sparc, Power). For the past year, I've been programming pretty exclusively in Julia, which is probably one of my all-time favorite languages (Scheme & CLU being the others).

Grew up in Stillwater, OK (with occasional detours living in Dry Drayton, England and Salvador, Brazil), and had exchange student brothers and sisters since I was one year old from around the world. Studied EECS at MIT, class of 1984. Worked at OSU & MIT, then founded my own company, Gandalf Software, in junior year, and consulted for Knoware, Dragon Systems, InterSystems (for 29 years), Dynactionize (in Belgium), and Zapata Computing.

I also love travel, learning about foreign cultures (my ex-wife is Spanish, and we used to live over half the time in Spain going back and forth every 2-3 months until our eldest child started kindergarten, until the pandemic & divorce we'd go back each summer), and learning languages (I've studied French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew). I also love food from around the world!

I am a very strong believer in diversity, in the workplace, in one's friends, in all aspects of life. (Not for any altruistic reason, simply because I get bored if things are too much the same, and diverse opinions are critical in business to not miss opportunities)

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