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Sajeeb Ahamed
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I am a web application developer working for the web for more than 4 years.

  • Solid knowledge of Modern JavaScript and PHP language.
  • Experience in developing React applications.
  • Pure knowledge and experience in Redux, Next JS, and other useful libraries.
  • Experienced in developing Web Applications using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node (MERN stack).
  • Experienced with TypeScript. Experience in working with GraphQL with apollo (client-server).
  • Experience in JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication system.Ability to develop, manage, and use REST API.
  • Experienced with Webpack and Vite module bundler.
  • Hand-on experience in developing PHP applications.
  • Experienced in PHP framework Laravel.
  • Experience in developing Joomla Applications.
  • Good problem-solving ability.
  • Eager to learn new technologies and adapt to the times.
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