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My name is Myles McNamara and I have an obsession with technology, innovation, creation, and reverse-engineering. From taking apart my parents alarm clocks and VHS players to finding jtag on a device. Technology has become a passion that has become my life. I built my first computer before I could even drive a car. You can normally find me writing code until 4am, desk covered in soda cans, just as it has been ever since I was in high school writing code in VB on a P166. Nothing has changed, except now I have a beaglebone, arduino, and a few other PCBs next to all the cans.

I have a passion for development which started with VB, progressed to HTML, ended up on PHP, and just recently started expanding to jQuery, Python, and Javascript. I'm always looking to learn more and thanks to SO finding help or providing it has become that much easier!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

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