Having entered the world of computers at the tender age of 5, with a TIMEX 2048, I began programming in BASIC at 7 and I have since then developed my knowledge in several areas of IT.

I have several years of experience in various programming languages, like Python, PHP, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS and others I use less often, like Assembly.

Nowadays I spend most of my time with Python, with a fair amount of Javascript thrown in, and tools like Docker, Redis, Vagrant, Gulp, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Django is my favourite generic web framework. Rails is great too, and if I have to use PHP, then I choose Laravel.

I am a pragmatic perfectionist. I always strive to do the best thing while trying to maintain a healthy balance between perfect and practical. Well built software, with organised, clean and tested code, making use of best practices and proven methodologies is a beautiful thing.

Being also an environmentalist at heart, I always strive to do what's best for the environment and I constantly try to spread awareness of "little big" things that anyone can do and can make a huge difference for everyone on the planet.

I have also always been connected to sports since I was young. Besides bodyboard, surf and MTB, which I do regularly, I practised swimming for 9 years, rowing for 4 years (including a national championship and lots of smaller regional races), and Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 1998.

I am cheerful, sociable, easy going and a person of principles, greatly appreciating values such as honesty, humility, righteousness, patience and loyalty.