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Gil Sand
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Now that you've spent that much time to click on my profile, might as well check the crazy things I write on my blog, and the blog I'm writing for RiseUp

I’m really just a guy who started programming in 2014. I’m from Belgium and fluently speak French, English, Objective-C, and most importantly C#.

I’ve been helped a lot, by many people, this includes the current company I work with, the company that I published my first app with, and the different trainers that thaught me programming in the first place. Now I try to give back as much as I can on StackOverflow. I like it.

Otherwise I’m just a regular guy. I play games with my friends while complaining about my loved half, and complain about my friends to her to keep things balanced karma-wise.

Generic stuff really.

And of course : #SOreadytohelp

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May 28, 2016