Machine Learning Consultant, focusing on image recognition & NLP.

I specialize in developing machine learning MVPs for small and medium sized companies.

I am currently accepting new projects; if you are working on a project, and need help, feel free to reach out; I love talking to people about projects they're working on, even if they don't need help.

Projects of note:

  • Developed an international trade model for the Government of Alberta that allowed them to make informed trade negotiations. Currently in use. Trained a random forest on 120 GB of data using sklearn.
  • Developed a ML SaaS app from start to end that processed bug report text from Github and classified pairs of bug reports as duplicates or not. Heavy NLP work.

My go-to stack is Python + Numpy/SciPy/Sklearn/Pandas + PyTorch on AWS for research projects, and Tensorflow for production systems, but I’ve worked with a variety of tools, including GCP and Azure. Flask for projects that need web frameworks.

I have significant experience mentoring teams without ML experience and bringing them to a spot where they can maintain & build on existing systems.

I focus on image recognition and NLP problems, often involving search. I have several published papers using NLP in an applied setting, which you can see on finbarr.ca/dedup. I am also available for remote FT opportunities. Please reach out to me, even if you’re not interested in hiring me. I love talking to people about machine learning and helping mentor people.

Education: BSc Honors Math, University of Alberta, MSc Econometrics & Mathematical Economics, London School of Economics.

Experience: Image processing, deep learning (conv nets, recurrent nets, variational autoencoders, etc.), statistics, numerical optimization and simulation, etc..

Technologies: Python, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Flask, Bash, Linux, Postgresql, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Git.

Github: https://github.com/finbarrtimbers

Email: finbarrtimbers a-t gmail dot com

Site: https://finbarr.ca

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