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Director of Operations
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Seeks to neither rule or be ruled.

Driven businessman.

Hard worker; leader by example.

Driven to excel in all endeavors.

Bookworm; always seeking more knowledge.




Connoisseur of all things pertaining to beauty, art, poetry, culture, history, and music.

Enjoys traveling to strange new places for both business and leisure.

Free thinker; intolerant of dogmatic, close-minded beings and their one-sided arguments.

Open advocate for less trade restrictions and regulations everywhere.

Hates tyranny and views the use of power to conquer, terrorize, and subjugate societies as an existential threat to sentient life everywhere; free and open societies willingly produce all things culture, beauty, art, and knowledge, while oppressed and closed societies produce what they are forced to and little more.

Sudden change in life plans--a strange anomaly found at 811B resulted in the entire mine being closed down due to safety concerns for the workers.

A discovery from without causing a discovery from within.

A new path is revealed.

Traveling this path presents a uniquely difficult challenge: find a master willing to teach and retain only what is useful while discarding any dogma without the master becoming aware of it.

Thus begins the journey; abhorred if successful, alive no more if not.

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