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Who am I? A very curious person who likes to learn and grow. Currently I am coding Android apps and implementing unit testing with continuous delivery on various Linux platforms.

Earlier efforts at starting an electronics-based business still continue part-time; as I try to improve on existing PCB design and fabrication skills. Research is ongoing in order to keep abreast of evolving FPGA and SMT design and fabrication methods.

The really strange project is: "An All-Optical/Holographic Computer". This seems like a long-term project, because the math is heavy. But if anyone is working on this and needs another pair of hands it might happen sooner.

Regardless of that timing, my brain likes math, possibly more than writing software.So bring it on and let's get this going. Fourier Transforms, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, it's all good.

I will be honest - my career success has been mixed, and the fill-in work has sometimes been tough. This body has endured long periods of outdoor work, landscaping, excavating, grounds keeping and general labour on the way.

That paid the bills until I could make a real change for the better.

Now is the time to act.

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