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Henke - Нава́льный П с м's user avatar
Henke - Нава́льный П с м's user avatar
Henke - Нава́льный П с м's user avatar
Henke - Нава́льный П с м
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Some of my formatting sandbox answers: one two three.

1937: russians' right to freedom of oppression

Мария Певчих – "beautiful festivals, shops, and cafés" (blue pill)

Learn a lesson for the future:
you don’t cooperate with crooks. You don’t play games with murderers
(red pill).

Нава́льный – password "Москва4"

A film by Daniel Roher. Константин Кудрявцев – "missing".
One-on-one with Daniel Roher.

2023-04-10 Stop Russia's new slide toward Stalinism and a totalitarian system

2023-03-17 The ICC has issued an arrest warrant against Putin

Ukraine government figures put the number of children forcibly taken to Russia at 16,221.
These forced deportations "violate international humanitarian law and amount to a war crime".

2022 Владимир Путин – это Адольф Гитлер 2.0. Мир не должен совершить ту же ошибку, что и Гитлер 1.0. Учитесь у истории и избегайте позора.

2021, Jon Blair : The man Putin couldn’t kill, Youtube trailer.

2018 : Bill Browder in remembrance of Сергeй Магнитский and John McCain.

2017, Владимир Кара-Мурза.
Only two things worry the Кремлин regime: street protests and the Magnitsky Act.
Domestic repression is inevitably followed, sooner or later, by external aggression.
The aim of the dictator's aggression against Ukraine is to try to crush the Maidan in Київ before it becomes an inspiration for a Maidan in Москва. – It's a proxy war against Russian society to prevent the political developments that happened in Ukraine from happening also in Russia.
In remembrance of Борис Немцов.

12 of 60 Minutes – talking to Алексей Навальный.

Дмитрий Орешкин: They did something to my hand – it started bleeding.

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