Alex Broadwin

An enthusiastic programmer since I was a young kid, I started learning BASIC on my father's work computer as soon as I could type; then came MS Visual Basic, followed shortly by CodeWarrior for C and C++ and OpenGL so I could make 3D games and simulations.

As a teenager I joined the professional education and defense sectors, learning Java, Win32 programming, COM, and Microsoft Accessibility. On my own I continued to learn modern web development, machine learning, home automation and 3D game programming using Unity and OpenGL ES.

Professionally I've helped build intelligent tutoring systems, real-time semantic instrumentation of user interactions on Windows and Linux systems, graphical interfaces for student monitoring, performance profiling frameworks, and real-time data extraction and classification systems.

In addition to software development, my interests include cooking, baking, photography, gardening, natural building, and sustainable living.

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