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With 10 years i was interested in learning to program so i started reading about java. I was reading online but never understood anything and when i installed eclipse that was the end of my learning :)

At 12 i wrote my first fully functional WinForm application with Firebird database using .NET and c# - was working with some trading company so had access to their database with everything from storage, sales, bookkeeping...

At 13-14 i started with game programming so i made(copied) my first 2d game. It was something with smile that eat poops. It was in c++ and was learning it from ChiliTomatoNoodle - guy from youtube (he is awesome). Then i had about 3 years break and now i am 17 and programming in unity.

I started with Unity3d/c# and i am getting things a lot faster than with c++ or java. I am making game for android and it is something like MMORPG. I am not sure if phones can handle it since i have never seen any game like that (what is in my mind), but hey skyrim will be out for phones!

So currently i have big ambitions and i am trying my best, but still i am doing this for fun :)

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