Pramod Mali

Welcome to my StackOverflow Profile. Feel free to contact me for suggestions/help/queries.

  • 25! (If I don't update this often, b.1995)
  • A Software Engineer
  • I write bugs and fix them for a living!
  • 4+ years(if I don't update this, started in 2016) in the software industry, multiple domains/tech.
  • Working with JavaScript (figuring the likeness/weirdness of Javascript)
  • Majority of times I use React, TypeScript, Node, Angular, AngularJS and whatever Javascript offers.
  • Sometime I use something other than Javascript. AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Docker, Git, Jenkins, C#, Stack Yes! Overflow.
  • Sometimes I blog about my traveling experiences. more... (I am Lazy and I don't update much)
  • You can find more about technologies here...(Under Construction )
  • See my work on GitHub