I like to read sometimes , and StackOverflow gives me an advantage over searching and surfing my own combinations of whims. I have learned some programming here and I am always looking forward to a program that will solve an equation , that I could never attempt with a calculator or pencil. I put off buying a computer and learned about algebra and puzzels for several years . Then, Linus systems sparked my imagination to work larger equations . I bought the Linus Bible and worked reading the man-pages. Later , with Internet expansion , I moved to MS-DOS , and MS-Windows. I am a big fan of QBasic ( MS-BASIC) on an older machine , but getting data in and out is a trick. I purchased an RPG video game in 2009 . My Gameplaying has become arcade-like. I never fell in love with Laura Croft , but I find some romance in RPG games. And Saving the World ( and beating the bosses) from inside of a game. I am usually only at StackOverflow for personal interests and not to get any business knowledge.

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