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I am Vincent VAUBAN, a fullstack Java developer. Every day, I am coding, train, and write on programming languages.

I have relevant experience in Java technology:

  • I designed several REST APIs,
  • I developed Java EE web applications, and
  • I crafted features of Java ERPs.

And regularly, I get credentials such as MOOC certificates, and skills badges, showing that I elevate my skills to world standards. My school background began with engineering studies, then ended with university studies: Master of Computer Science and Engineering.

Some achievements:

  • Udemy Instructor in Java, React, and Scrum
  • PSD1: Professional Scrum Developer in 2022
  • Alteca hackathon award winner in 2021
  • OCP: Oracle Certified Professional in 2020
  • Blue Ribbon of the ‘Jump into Java’ championship in 2019
  • Official member of Java Community Process in 2018
  • OCA: Oracle Certified Associate 2017
  • Lifelong learning with 100+ MOOC certificates
  • Coding hobbying with 70+ Github repositories
  • Androïd App coding with 10+ Play Store publications
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