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  • Web Development Skills ● Javascript ( ES6/ES7/ES2015, Coffeescript, LiveScript) ● AngularJS 1.x, Angular ● NodeJS (ExpressJS, HapiJS, KoaJS) ● CSS (Sass, SCSS, Stylus and frameworks: Foundation, Bootstrap ) ● HTML (erb/Haml/Jade/JSX) ● PHP (Laravel/Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony/CakePHP) ● Python (Django, Flask) ● API Integration (Sendgrid/Firebase/Google API/Social Network Aggregator/Parse) ● Server Manangement(Vagrant/Ansible/Docker, Google Cloud, AWS) ● Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Mongodb)
  • Data Science Skills ● ML/DL with Tensorflow (NLP, Time series forecasting, Image processing, Object Detection & Recognition) ● Data Visualization (Sport betting, Tendency Prediction algorithm for President Candidate Campaign) ● Big data analysis (Customer RFM analysis for Super market) ● Natural Language Processing (IBM Watson, Voice to Text Conversion)
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