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I rarely use this place any more. I recommend if you wanna learn golfing, and if you have some spare time to make a question. I am forever grateful to the people of this site for introducing me to esolangs, array programming, and so many things that kept my interest alive in computing. However, stack exchange is morally bankrupt, and has not showed any signs of improving in close to a decade.

I generally study programming languages, although I do my best to pursue all the creative things I can on the computer.

Golfing language list

Esolangs wiki page

Codidact Code Golf Profile

I golf in a lot of languages, primarily APL, Stax or Husk nowadays but oftentimes I golf in any language I find interesting. I do dabble in monthly languages like J-uby and Prolog.

I use Processing, PyTurtle and dzaima/APLP5 for graphical solutions. Sadly, there are few good graphical questions nowadays.

I've helped write documentation for Pip ,Husk and Add++.

I'm very active in SE chat(the nineteenth byte) and the CGCC Discord. You can contact me in any of those places by pinging me.

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