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(Previously "Larnu")

Database Administrator for a group of Insurance Brokers in England.

SQL Server enthusiast, however, little to no experience on other RDBMSs. Linux (Ubuntu) daily driver. I have some VB.Net experience, basic Python knowledge and enjoy to dabble in PoSH and Bash. I can read C#, it is a .Net language after all, but I'm hopeless at writing it; for some reason it's always escaped my grasp. I can't even blame it on the compulsory semi-colons as (one day) they'll be compulsory in T-SQL too (bring it on SQL Server 2037!).

You can find articles I've written on my website, as well at on SQL Server Central. A favourite subject of mine is dynamic SQL, along with making sure that you are safe (from injection) when using it and SQL Server on Linux.

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