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Lets begin in maybe April of 2017? I cant remember the exact month I started but the beginning was Excel. My boss asked me to work on some projects and I dove in to the deep end and kept going deeper into Excel. When I realized Excel wasn't powerful enough to do some of the things I wanted to do I turned to programming. The array indexing on the scale that I needed to be on for work slowed down Excel massively to the point I had to create the spreadsheet to where I drop in the data where it needed to go and walk off for a few minutes while everything calculated. Fast forward to Oct. 2017 and I started Python programming. What in the world did I step into? I began my journey on, entertaining for a gamer but not exactly what I needed. So I found, while useful for web development, that's not what I wanted to do, I like data crunching and working with numbers. So fast forward again to Dec 2017, I started taking courses on Udemy for data science with Python and will be continuing to learn as much as I can in this area including AI/deep learning/machine learning/whatever you want to call this area. That is where my interests lie and one day I hope to make it in this field. For now I am working on learning to transfer what I did for work in Excel into Python.

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