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Worked at PURE digital as C developer, moved to as a PHP UI designer and then in's labs team, I used Flex all through last year but spent this year getting to know iPhone and objective-c developing apps like nru and topsee

Spent 7 years working in net-a-porter's mobile team on apps like the net-a-porter app and the Mr Porter app, then moving to the NetBook team to build The NetBook beta, and then a few more iterations to build it out into a live product. Finally worked on building common platform to move net-a-porte's commerce apps (including The Outnet, Mr Porter, YOOX) onto the IBM Watson Commerce platform.

Now working in LVHM's Digital Atelier team building enterprise apps for sales associates for multiple major fashion brands. These apps are designed to reduce the friction when selling physical products in-store, for example replacing physical stock checks with a simple check in the app. These apps also help the sales associates maintain the relationship with their clients.

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