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My expertise:

• Javascript, ES6/7, Typescript • React.js, Redux • Ruby on Rails, rspec, Ruby Version Manager, Sidekiq • Vue.js/Vuex • Material-UI, Bootstrap, Storybook, Pixel-Perfect Styled-components, Tailwind CSS, HTML/CSS, Sass/Less/Scss • GraphQL/Relay • Node.js/Express.js • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis • Vite, Webpack, Babel • Test Driven Development, Jest, react-testing-library, CircleCI, Docker • PHP/Hack/EntQL/CodeIgniter • Python/Django/Flask • AWS EC2, Load Balancers • Git, Github, GitLab, Mercurial • Slack, Jira, Confluence, Asana, Guru • MVC Architecture • Technical Documentation, Team Improvement

I continually seek to expand my technical expertise and stay on top of current trends and the latest technologies. I care deeply about my users and bringing strong value to my team.

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