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Here are some suggestions you can use to improve your code. Formatting Insert a space before a { that starts a compound statement and does not go on a separate line; e.g., instead of int main(){, write int main() { or int main() { Place a space after a comma and after a control word (while, etc.): SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT)) and ...


You can even download files without using wget even showing the progressbar Invoke-WebRequest Url -OutFile OutputFile


void* memmem(const void* a_haystack_start, size_t a_haystack_len, const void* a_needle_start, size_t a_needle_len) { const unsigned char* haystack = (const unsigned char*)a_haystack_start; const unsigned char* needle = (const unsigned char*)a_needle_start; const size_t cunRegionToSearch = a_haystack_len- a_needle_len+1; size_t i; if (...

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