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Scraping website with Python and Selenium to collect data from dynamic website

Be judicious with the use of comments: # create console handler and set level to info ch = logging.StreamHandler() ch.setLevel(logging.WARNING) This one claims ...
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Drayage Webscraper: Limited to table structure

Using requests/bs4 here is of dubious value when you're targeting Pandas. Just use Pandas for everything. Note - if you really care about parsing the "arrow", you're going to have to get ...
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Drayage Webscraper: Limited to table structure

fragility The trouble with scrapers (and with unit tests) is that they can be fragile w.r.t. minor changes in the target text. That is, a "trivial" table formatting change on the origin ...
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A selenium web scraper to package NBA data

Overview You've done an excellent job: You did a good job partitioning code into classes and functions You leveraged code written by others with the imports Used meaningful names for functions and ...
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Java classes for downloading all in-coming/out-going links of an article in the Wikipedia article graph Locale.getISOLanguages() is an intuitive way to check if a language code is valid, but ...
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