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User Experience The function method pincodeSearch is called whenever the pincode value changes and is vald. It would likely be wise to consider minimizing server requests by debouncing the function and/or cancelling existing requests if the method is called rapidly in short succession. Vue / Javascript It looks like you started to add a computed property ...


You can use :old="{{ json_encode(Session::getOldInput()) }}" to get old values from session. Other than that try to avoid props like: p_old they break 2 principles: I have no idea for what p stands for It does not follow style guideline of Vue When you define props as object try to be explicit about type: String, Array etc.


First off, the file jsonArray.js doesn't contain "JSON". It's a JavaScript source code file containing an JavaScript array literal which in turn contains JavaScript object literals. And since it's not JSON, you could theoretically put functions into the objects: { alt: "clearValueIcon", // Quotes around key are not needed, since it's ...

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