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The Never-Ending IFs

Your ConfigureApplicationAsync method calls 9 async methods in a predefined sequence (which might be too much responsibilities for a single method btw). Each of the ...
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The Never-Ending IFs

You have two issues here, the first one is that you should invert the condition for early return, which would decrease the nesting levels. The second issue is understanding the related executions and ...
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An enhanced ExecuteReader method in VB.NET

I am thinking that it is like reinventing the wheel. In some way, that could be true. But let's see. Testing function arguments I believe some design choices are questionable. First of all, your <...
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Increment sequence value for multiple styles

declarations DIM I As Integer = SequenceChars.Length - 1 Wow, that's super funny, guess we have to pick some way to make declarations. I remember ...
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Avoid Boolean as parameter for constructor | Complex Number Calculator

First of all, although you only want to get rid of the boolean parameter, let us look at the code and see if we can improve it. I would ask myself, do the methods ...
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