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HackerRank Algorithm Problem: Climbing the Leaderboard (Python)

My approach, described below, should definitely be an improvement. I have named my version climbing_leaderboard so as to not conflict with your name (I have ...
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Trailing Digits

finally I found a link with a lot of examples. I found with a much more elegant approach… and another webpage that shows more detail ...
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Trailing Digits

Picture yourself coming back to "V1 code" a decade from now: You can read it, you can run it. Do you know what does, and to what end? Name things for what they are good for. ...
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HackerRank Project Euler 12 (Python) | Highly Divisible Triangular Numbers

Inaccuracy Many Project Euler problems deal with BIG numbers. These often are large enough that int(number**0.5) will give you the incorrect result! Mathematically,...
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