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I asked a very similar question here The thing that came out of it that I think you should think about is that there's no need to add Get / Post etc. to the interface. You can handle all that with extension methods. The answer to my question helped me with that. Here's the interface that I ended up with. Much simpler. Code Reference /// <summary> ///...


For your first Go program this looks very good, apart from the global variables the code looks easy to read; the annotations for JSON processing and validation are fine and you're also using a standard library for the routing. Overall, doesn't raise any big issues for me. Firstly though, I'd highly suggest that the trades and submitArray global variables ...


I belive your WCF service should always be accepting the Models. Like JSON code should be converted into Entity Models and then pass to WCF service. In this way you can make your code loosely coupled.

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