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another Merge Sort

Three things pop out to me: This is not a stable sort. Probably does not matter, as you currently only support integers. This only support integer sorts. If you look at the standard qsort you will ...
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Implementing an improved merge sort that uses insertion sort, with "levels" - Would this work correctly?

This question is marginally on-topic since you do not understand the behavior of the code that you wrote and maintain. The code is "correct" in the sense of producing ordered entries, but ...
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C++ merge sort, logging, unit test, performance check

Avoid Importing Namespaces (that You Don’t Control) You have a using namespace std; declaration. It’s inside another namespace, which is a lot better than dumping ...
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another Merge Sort

Code risks invoking undefined behavior: None of the calls to malloc() have their return values checked. ...
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another Merge Sort

Is there any other good practices that I've missed to follow in my try? Sort stability Agree with @Martin York code has stable sort concerns. A stable sort keeps the array elements in the same order ...
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