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LDAP Login Script

Logical inconsistencies and careless mistakes Let's look at the outline: ...
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LDAP search helper for System.DirectoryServices.Protocols

You have too much unnecessary comments such as - Private backing field for ..., you don't really care about the backing field of a property anyway. Convert your properties into auto properties like ...
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LDAP Login Script

1) private function dologinWithPostData() { I would pass in login credentials to the method so you don't have some arbitrary class method directly accessing ...
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Bindling User details from AD using LDAP

General Guidelines Please put any technical restrictions in the initial post. Like, for instance, framework 3.5 :-( Declare variables as var rather than their type ...
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ASN.1 BER Encoding and Decoding

In ber_encode: the line bytelength = (length.bit_length() // 8) + 1 counts 1 byte too many if ...
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Authentication via LDAP and authorization via JDBC

By using a framework like Spring Security you have all you cicle already defined and your task is just to customize the parts you need that should be integrated with your application and need some ...
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