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Create an address self-complete bar

A few things you can improve: Use const instead var Don't use any as type Move ...
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Pairs with Specific Difference python

I would try to optimize by iterating through the list while adding to the set at the same time rather than building a set separately. See my answer below: ...
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Leetcode - First Unique Character in a String

Pay attention to Constraints While cracking algorithmic problems, pay very close attention to the constraints of the problem at hand. They can often give valuable clues on how to attack the problem. ...
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Leetcode - First Unique Character in a String

In Java Use the FirstIndexOf() and LastIndexOf() if these both return the same number then its the unique character in the statring of the string return the index of it break the loop. This is the ...
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String character changes (case insensitive) - Go

A few comments. Simple is good. strchange.go: ...
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