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unsigned vs, unsigned long Code mixes use of unsigned and unsigned long as if they are of the 32-bit size. In 2020, 16-bit unsigned is commonly found in embedded processors and 64-bit unsigned long in 64-bit processors. Do not assume unsigned, unsigned long size/range other than they are at least 16, 32 bits. #define UINT_MAXIMUM 4294967294 // UINT_MAX ...


It's been a long time since I've heard the terms BCD or Binary Coded Decimal. Keep in mind that BCD was primarily a hardware encoding of integers provided by one particular manufacturer of main frame computers. There were computer performance issues when using BCD. The best way to implement a BCD number would be an array of 4 bit integer values. One good ...


What should the output be if I enter 123456789012345678901234567890? That's producing an integer overflow right now.


Since command line arguments are null-terminated, we can avoid strlen() entirely by just running through the string until we hit '\0'; this also gets rid of contin and i (*p > 0x2F && *p < 0x3A) isn't very obvious, I'd just use '0' and '9' to make it easier to understand the intention and to be consistent with the rest of the code You could use ...

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