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You may look at opencv Transparent API # imgUMat = cv2.UMat(img) dst = cv2.fastNlMeansDenoising(imgUMat, 10,10,7,21) #


As the Standard Library headers are independent of each other, it makes sense to include them in consistent order - alphabetical is a good choice. The main() function here is very long - more than a screenful. That's usually a sign that it should be split into functions for the different responsibilities. In particular, the file reading seems worthy of its ...


Use const In FindCompress and Union the parameters N, i and j could be passed as const as they are not changed in the functions. Avoid using keywords as function names. In C union is a keyword, even though the function name is currently in CamelCase I would still recommend against it. Styling Segment struct definition typedef struct Segment Segment; ...

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