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Questions requesting help with school homework. This tag lets potential answerers know that they should GUIDE the student in solving the problem, rather than showing a complete solution. CAUTION: Before posting, consider that classmates may be tempted to reuse code from your post. (Read the tag wiki.)

Questions regarding homework assignments are more than welcome, provided that they are on-topic and meet our usual quality criteria. In particular, the code must already be working as intended.

It is suggested that you include the following information with your question:

  • What the objective of the assignment is
  • Whether any language features are off-limits
  • Whether there are any unmodifiable parts of the code

Caution: Classmates and instructors often see questions posted on Code Review. Before posting your question, please consider possible scenarios:

  • Classmates may be tempted to plagiarize. In that case, it may be difficult to prove your original authorship of the code.
  • Instructors may be upset to see the question posted, especially if it is an exam question. They may consider your request for assistance to be academic dishonesty. (Code Review, as a community, generally has no moral problem with helping students learn more, but instructors may not agree with that viewpoint.)
  • The site policy is to decline requests to delete questions once they have been answered, unless there is a legal issue.

For these reasons, it may be a better idea to wait until after the due date of the assignment before posting your question.