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"Rock Paper Scissors" game

Overview I don't like how you are simply passing strings around for the values. Its simple but not very optimal. I would create some enum types to represent the different states (Win, Lose, Draw) and/...
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"Rock Paper Scissors" game

Computing pcSelection can be factored out into a separate function. If users enter an invalid choice, promptUserInput still ...
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Re: C++ 4X Game

Just seperating the game_logic from input processing has made a huge difference in terms of code clarity. In this review, I will start with nitpicks with the ...
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Casino Number Guessing Game

seems pretty solid, I only have 2 small things to say: first inside bool continuePlaying() you don't need Ternary Operator you can just write it as ...
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"Rock Paper Scissors" game

The code looks good and well-organized. Here are a few suggestions: Use const wherever possible to make the code more readable and safe. For example, in ...
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