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Tracking a geolocation

You already know exactly what your viewDidLoad method should look like... you just didn't write it how you know it should look. It should look like this: ...
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Quiz app with Practice and Exam modes

Coding style Generally your code is written clearly. Just two points that I noticed: Two different styles of positioning the opening braces of a code block are used: ...
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Core Data Wrapper

Well, if it works for you, it's fine :) Here are the things that bother me: Because inserting new objects in Core Data is quite an important operation, and is independent of saving, and since two of ...
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Understanding How To Approach A Permutational Word Search

There are many ways to speed up a problem like this. You are asking for a server-side way, so it must be cheap in processing-time/energy-consuption. Fast response is a secondary goal. Precompute valid ...
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Core-data object with relationships conforming protocol in swift

NSManagedObjects already have a property for their current context. It is weak however, which is usually ok for most cases because you would retain the context in ...
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iOS Core Data Model with Swifty JSON

Based on the code that you've supplied, here's my take on some small changes in responsibility. First of all, the NSManagedObject subclass. You can write this by ...
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Weightlifting calculator

This is a perfect "question" for this site! I see no problem with mapping an enum to an NSManagedObject. In fact I recommend it. I think it is far better to encapsulate your core data classes, such ...
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Table View Controller for selecting and saving user default preferences in an iOS app

I think you will find that the above code, in fact, does not work if you have enough lifts in the table view such that the selected lift must get reloaded. The reason I think this is because you don't ...
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