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Convert program arguments to std::wstring

I think std::vector is not a good fit for this purpose. std::span would fit a lot better. Here are the features that ...
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Convert program arguments to std::wstring

Frame Challenge You probably don’t want to use wstring internally. MS Windows has supported UTF-8 since Windows 10 version 1803. On Linux, a wide character is ...
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Is this a sane (as in lacking UB) implementation of a ref-counted subscription cleanup?

Avoid relying on globally unique ids A big problem with your class is that you need to provide a unique id, that the ids have to be managed, and that this is done using a global ...
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Convert program arguments to std::wstring

argv[0] can legally be a null pointer, depending on the platform and the way that your program is invoked. If it is null, then constructing a ...
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Scene Hierarchy with Translation, Rotation and Scale

One observation is the use of "world" vs "local". This appears to be leading to an inappropriate hierarchy, where the children insert themselves into their parent's business. The ...
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Function composition in the context of data processing pipelines

Issues: There's a technical issue in the implementation is the design of the type trait InvokeResult. The problem lies in the usage of ...
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