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A Python terminal Your file naming is non-standard. I have some concerns with prefixing python files with ., and using ...
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A Python terminal

needlessly hardcoded pathname pw = open("/Users/jfami/pylect/.pylect.password.txt", "r").read() personal project that I don't plan on ...
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logging in using cookie authentication/authorization in C#

var user = await _context.UsersTableTest.FirstOrDefaultAsync(u => u.UserName == Username); Please bear in mind that == ...
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Simple authentication server

My considerations: You hash passwords (but a hacker could use a rainbow-table), so store only salted and hashed passwords having a (wild guess) 64-char-salt and a modern hash algorithm please. You ...
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Account signup/login program in Python

Help the user! When I ran your program for the first time, I wanted to create an account, but I got an error that the file did not exist currently. Now, you wouldn't want your users to create their ...
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Session-based authentication using Express.js

Welcome! A few suggestions: Run the server locally so you can test. I guarantee you will find some issue during testing that you didn't expect. Here's an example (may need to do a bit of package ...
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