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Recursively create a TreeView for file paths using C# and WPF

Comments I am not a really big fan of adding documentation comments to trivial things (like this is the constructor). On the other hand I do appreciate consistency (every public member is annotated). ...
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Mapping Entity Database Table to Model

Mapping objects is a subject in it's own. It is not how do you do it, but rather, which way is it going to be suitable to your overall project. There are a lot of mapping NuGets out there such as ...
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Probability Library for .NET

Your current approach has a time complexity of O(⁡n)., where n is the length of the Samples array. This is because you're iterating through the array to find the ...
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Self-written mapper on C#

There are a lot of already good mappers that have been built for .net ecosystem. There are pros and cons using an automapper. In my opinion as long as they just contain mapping one property to ...
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